Hello from the teachers and staff at Burton Primary & Year 5

School in September - A Kids Guide

A message from Mrs Timmings to all the children to explain some of the things that will be different when we all come back to school in September

A Message from Mrs Timmings 5th June 2020

We all need a little patience some times!

A Lovely Video For Anyone who Can't Hug the Ones They Love

Mrs McIver-Brown reading from Dirty Beasts

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs by Roald Dahl

This is a poem from one of my favourite books of short stories and poems called Funny Stories. This one is a poem created by Roald Dahl based on the story of Snow White.

Handsel and Gristle by Michael Rosen

This is a story from one of my favourite books - a collection of short stories and poems. This story uses a lot of “play on words” and other words used in place of the proper ones. I hope it makes you smile. Mrs Davis

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